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Email Sponsors David & Ernie Wright, Redding Harley-Davidson

Primary Officers 2020

Email Director  Russ R.

Email Assistant Director Robert C.

Email Secretary Jim A.

Email Treasurer Willie P.


Auxiliary Officers 2020                               

Email Activities Angel R.

Email Membership Cathy C.

Email HOG Editor Tammy W.

Email Photographer Tammy W.

Email Safety Kevin A.

Email Sergeant at Arms  Mike B.

Email Webmaster  Mike U.

Email  Historian    

Road Captains 2020

Email Lead Road Captain Judy M.

Email Road Captain #1 Rick W.

Email Road Captain #2 Dan H.

Email Road Captain #3 Kevin A.

Email Road Captain #4 Shelley M.

Email Road Captain #5 Ed D.

Email Road Captain #6

Email Road Captain #7

Mileage & Participation Record Keeper Cathy C.

For full names of Redding HOG Officers go to Members Only