Jan. 23, 2023

Mark Your Calendars

Jan 25, 2023

General Meeting, 7pm, Lulu's

Feb. 4th 2023Chapter Ride - Dan Hernandez, TBD - KSU 10:00am
Feb. 15, 2023 Chapter Meeting, Lulu's 7:00pm
Feb. 19, 2023 Chapter Ride - Gary Jensen, TBD - KSU 10:00AM

Announcement of By-Laws changes: Please read:

10. Per 2018 National HOG Handbook, “Liquor liability coverage is not provided by the Chapter Liability Insurance Policy.”
Therefore, Redding HOG Chapter #0286 prohibits consumption of alcohol during a Chapter Ride.

If a Rider appears to be impaired by alcohol, the Road Captain and/or any Primary Officer will speak privately to the Rider, asking them to leave the RIDE.

If the impaired Rider refuses, the Road Captain and/or Primary Officer will declare the Ride is over.

11. add: “at the meeting or by voting electronically.”

Future Events- Mark your Calendar
Feb 11, 2023Valentine’s Day Dinner- Dry Creek Station 5:30pm; Contact Angel to put you on the list.

Mar 4, 2023 Chapter Ride - Tony Hughes, TBD - KSU 10:00AM
Mar. 19, 2023 Chapter Ride - Bob Pereira, TBD - KSU 10:00AM


• Dealership Check-In Challenge participants will now be rewarded for more achievement levels along their journey, with awards received for 10,25, 50, 75, or 100 or more check-ins.
• Here are the new reward levels
1. 10-24 points: Ride 365 Dealership Check-In Challenge pin and patch
2. 25-49 points: Commemorative HOG 40TH Anniversary banner
3. 50-74 pionts: $50 Norscot gift certificate for exclusive HOG merchandise and HOG Eagle wall medallion.
4. 75-99 points: $75 Norscot give certificate
5. First Place overall winner: $2000 Harley-Davidson Gift Card, 1st Place Plaque and recognition at the Harley-Davidson Museum
6. Second Place overall: $1500 H-G Gift Card, 2nd Place Plaque and recognition at the H-D Museum
7. Third Place overall: $1000 H-D Gift Card, 3rd Place Plaque and recognition at H-D Museum
8. For each prize level range, participants receive all prizes listed for that level in addition to all prizes for previous levels achieved
• 10 for ‘23 Challenge Participants will receive a unique challenge coin for each location visited in addition to a poker chip

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